Mary Jo Smith-Obolensky, Founder
Ivan Obolensky,
Vice President

Since 1995, we have been committed to the success and growth of our clients. We understand impossible deadlines and strive to meet them without compromising our product or our clients’ trust in our ability to deliver on time and within budget. We seamlessly translate the writer’s tone, emotion, intent, and level of expertise.

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Literary Translations

Our international DBA, Smith-Obolensky Media, published Ivan’s award-winning novel, Eye of the Moon, on February 2018. Dynamic Doingness, Inc. produced its Latin American Spanish literary translation, El ojo de la luna in October 2020. The English sequel, Shadow of the Son, published on June 2021. Its literary translation, A la sombra del hijo, was released within a year on June 2022.

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Ivan shares his expertise through thought-provoking articles about current affairs, social sciences, and the finance sector. All articles are translated into Spanish.

Two of his articles were adapted for video in English and Spanish by Smith-Obolensky Media.

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