What our Teams Say

“I really appreciate working with DDi. You all are very professional and supportive, as well as kind and gentle in our interactions. To get to know and work with DDi was certainly one of the best things that happened last year!”
-A.O., linguist

“When working with the DDi team, you are never on your own. The PMs are very involved in every step of the way and serve as fundamental links that connect all stages of the job. Regardless of where you are —or in what time zone— you can always count on them to discuss a specific term or linguistic issue. Quality is a top priority —just as for the clients.”
-F.B., linguist

“At DDi, language is experienced in a genuinely dynamic manner. DDi’s collaborative and committed team of professional translators, editors and proofreaders is always on the lookout for the best connotation, the most accurate meaning, and the most widespread use of a term or concept.”
-G.G., linguist

“In all my work with Mary Jo, approximately 12 years, she has always shown professionalism. She is detail-oriented – a requirement in the technical language translation industry. Mary Jo is excellent at managing her resources to get projects done on time and with optimum quality.”
-K.L., designer

“I have collaborated with DDi for two and a half years and this is undoubtedly one of my favorite clients, for their clarity in communication, the goodwill generated among those who participate in a project, and the speed of payment.

“I feel I am part of a team where we all seek to deliver quality work, and we do it in a respectful and amiable environment. It is a pleasure to work that way!”
-L.C., linguist

“Working with DDi is always a pleasure. Whenever they send me work, I make time for them, if at all possible, because I know it will be well worth it. On the one hand, they’re efficient and well-organized; highly professional. Any difficulties get seen to promptly and one gets the feeling that they will always be there to lend a hand with any technical problems; that they have one’s back and are well aware that teams thrive on collaborative efforts. And on the other, as a very pleasant bonus, they’re so friendly! A genuinely delightful team to work with. Thanks, DDi!”
-M.D., linguist

“I’ve been working with DDi for almost a year now, and they are impeccable at everything they do. It is a pleasure to be part of an engaging and energizing team that truly values people, quality, and good translation work.”
-M.N., linguist and Project Manager

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with DDi for over a year, and their dedication to producing the absolute best is truly outstanding. Each project is a team effort, with a solid job flow process, a keen eye for consistency, and careful attention to the branding that is specific for each client. From two-page documents to over 100-page documents, I know each project will be handled with the same level of accuracy. It means a great deal to me, and I appreciate working with a team that values integrity.”
-S.A., designer

“Working with DDi has been a breath of fresh air in my professional career. Not only are Mary Jo, Joanna, and Ivan extremely intelligent, focused, and professional, they also foster an environment of seamless collaboration and teamwork with one common goal – delivering the highest quality for the client. This company is a winner and I am so honored to be a part of the team!”
-V.R., designer and Project Manager