Articles 2011-2017

Ivan shares his knowledge and expertise in history, finance, social sciences, and current affairs through thought-provoking articles for our clients and readers to enjoy.

Ivan Obolensky

Currency Flows and Translations, April 2011
Should Translations Be Free?, May 2011
The Contagion of Ideas, June 2011
Social Media and Translations, July 2011
Colombia – GDP Growth Could Surpass United States and Europe, July 2011
Thoughts on Medellin, August 2011
The Push Button Translation, September 2011
What’s Happening in the Markets?, September 2011
Language and Extinction, October 2011
The Mathematics of Dissent, October 2011
How Fragile is Our Knowledge Base?, November 2011
How Fragile is Our Knowledge Base video, September 2016
The Story of Modern Finance, November 2011
The Rhythms of Phonemes, December 2011
Is it Possible to Predict the Future?, December 2011
The Rosetta Stone, January 2012
A Lesson in Banking, January 2012
Language and Thinking, February 2012
Discovering How to Succeed, February 2012
The Language Gene, March 2012
Democracy and the Founding Fathers, March 2012
Language and the Digital Age, April 2012
Free Will?, April 2012
Bees, Language and Operas, May 2012
Threat Assessment, May 2012
Form Follows Function?, June 2012
Data Mining: Hidden Relationships, June 2012
When it Pays to Lose Money, August 2012
Language and Classification, September 2012
The Downside of Language, October 2012
What is Genius?, November 2012
Wilson’s Dinner, December 2012
Bad Genes?, January 2013
Why Language?, February 2013
Stress and the Workplace, March 2013
Born under a Bad Sign, April 2013
Ideas and the Scientific Method, May 2013
Memories, June 2013
The Spice Trade, July 2013
The Spice Trade video, posted December 6, 2015
Connected, August 2013
Time Will Tell, September 2013
In Light of New Evidence, October 2013
Self-sabotage, November 2013
Another View of History, December 2013
Lucky or Unlucky?, January 2014
The Carry Trade, February 2014
Facts and Promises, March 2014
Media and Spin, April 2014
Economic Stress and the Middle Class, Part I, May 2014
Economic Stress and the Middle Class, Part II, June 2014
Economic Stress and the Middle Class, Part III, July 2014
Fashion, Winglets, and Bullshots, August 2014
The Expense of Meaning, September 2014
Solutions from History, October 2014
Lost and Found, November 2014
Legitimacy vs. Success, December 2014
On “The Curse of Knowledge”, January 2015
Artificial Intelligence and Language, February 2015
Stability in Instability, March 2015
Colombia Revisited, April 2015
Lessons from India, May 2015
Incompleteness and the Imagination, June 2015
The Choice, July 2015
The Setup, August 2015
Computer Games, September 2015
Isolation and Social Media, October 2015
Knowns and Unknowns, November 2015
Success and Failure: Is There a Difference?, December 2015
Financial Decisions, January 2016
Road Trip, February 2016
Coincidence and Meaning, March 2016
Polarization and the Battle for Our Minds, April 2016
Negative Interest Rates and Deflationary Banking, May 2016
A Power Story, June 2016
Balance, July 2016
Letter to RL, August 2016
Merit, September 2016
Demographic Changes, October 2016
The Parable of the Bus, November 2016
Long-Term Friends, December 2016
The Motivation of Genius, Part I, January 2017
The Motivation of Genius, Part II, February 2017
The Motivation of Genius, Part III, March 2017
Aging, April 2017
I Ain’t Superstitious, May 2017
Cognition, Part I, June 2017
Cognition, Part II, July 2017
Governance and the Rise of Networks, August 2017
So, You Want to Change the World?, November 2017
The Cooperation Game, February 2018