Why Choose DDi?

Mary Jo Smith-Obolensky

Only educated native specialists translate your materials

DDi’s linguistic teams are not just bilingual but also bicultural, which equips them with an understanding of semantics and style in both source and target languages. They are veteran professionals in their field(s) and educated in both the U.S. and the country of origin. This is particularly important with literary translations, a highly specialized field.

With DDi, it is not about the translator alone. It is all about the final quality of the material and the team effort it takes to attain that quality.

Specialized translation teams dedicated to Marketing and Advertising

Language is fluid. Our linguists are not just technically trained but also very flexible and adaptable to language changes in specific markets. Many of our translators are published writers or have translated literary works.

DDi’s adaptation and localization services teams have both experience and training in marketing and advertising. They possess that artistic marketing ability that allows them to seamlessly adapt translated ad copy to specific target markets and know how far the linguistic envelope can and should be pushed.