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The Contagion of Ideas


June 2011 Ivan Obolensky By equating the spread of ideas with that of the contagion of disease and examining their similarities and differences, one can gain a better understanding of how ideas permeate through society, and how one can get one’s own ideas across to others more effectively and to more people. Certainly ideas can be infectious. A fad, for …

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Should Translations Be Free?


May 2011 Ivan Obolensky Frankly I do not think translations should be free, but then I am biased. I work for a company that specializes in translation. Digital content seems to be trending in the “free translation” direction. On the Internet, we are now able to acquire digital music and digital books for free, and we can even browse newspapers …

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Currency Flows and Translations

April 2011 Ivan Obolensky Where and when to best concentrate one’s business efforts depends not only on what one’s company produces but also on the global business climate that exists at the time. One of the least known areas that influence business is the ebb and flow of funds between countries and the resulting exchange rates. On the surface it …

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