Technical documentation translation and localization

We have been involved in translating and localizing technical documents for 21 years, keeping up-to-date with the constant changes and advancements in the industry. Our teams engage in expert studies in both languages to keep current with these fields.

Customers are sophisticated and discerning when choosing technical products, and the competition in this field is fierce. Therefore, it is necessary to provide documentation and marketing materials of very high quality. It is a well-known fact that poorly translated media and instructions will turn off and upset customers and can even cause them to abandon a brand.

Our translations are designed to communicate and create understanding. We appreciate the effort that has gone into the writing of the material in the source language and thus strive to deliver equal clarity and understanding in the target language.

Legal documentation translation and localization

Countries vary in their philosophy and practice of the law. Our legal documentation translation teams are experts in the field of law, and are composed of highly educated language specialists that are either practiced lawyers or have extensive experience in legal and contractual translations.

We have assisted our clients with legal translations to successfully cross over to new markets.

DDi provides translation and localization services for employee and government documentation, medical information/consents, and financial contracts.

Financial translation and localization

DDi specializes in all aspects of financial translation. We provide timely, expert services for annual company reports, complex financial statements, investor reports, and more.

Globally, DDi provides its services to companies that are headquartered in one country yet trade on the stock exchanges of several others, and are responsible for making financial reports available to shareholders living abroad and speaking different languages. In addition, our clients answer to various regulatory agencies that require documentation to be translated into the language of the country in which the regulatory agency presides.

Human Resources and Public Relations translation and localization

Businesses turn to DDi to translate and localize their HR and PR reports, videos, press releases, presentations, and training materials.

Marketing and Sales translation, adaptation* and localization

DDi adapts documentation that needs to be localized to the requirements of a given public and thus has to be expressed idiomatically, not literally. This specialty calls for linguists with creative backgrounds in disciplines such as advertising and literature.

Our teams can create highly-localized adaptations as well as broadly targeted ones. We are familiar with the dynamic markets and the current expressions used by demographic groups your company may be targeting.

*Adaptation: act of adapting; process of making one thing fit another; modification, adjustment. This is what is done in the area of marketing or publicity, as well as PR.