Additional Services

Literary Translation

We offer literary translation from English to and from Latin American Spanish. Our first release is El ojo de la luna, the translation of the multigenre award-winning novel Eye of the Moon by Ivan Obolensky. Translating a literary work must be done without changing the original tone of the author, while understanding culturally-specific expressions, and handling play-on-words and slang. Also, the translation must remain in the context of the time in which the work takes place. With a very competent team of linguists who are passionate admirers of the project, the result can be outstanding.


DDi delivers this service for your corporate webinars, training materials, or presentations. We can take care of the project from writing to recording and create any audiovisual presentation. (Available in French, Spanish, and Portuguese.)


DDi translates and adapts websites. We collaborate with your webmaster as needed to ensure a seamless transition into other languages.


We also translate video scripts and ad campaigns for all media, including those which must be idiomatically adapted to a specific area or region.