Additional Services

Technical writing – Spanish and English
With our 21 years of experience translating technical documentation, we expanded our services to include technical writing in both English and Spanish. We are familiar with the jargon and the technique that are required to make documentation clear and concise, which can then be seamlessly translated into other languages as needed. We can take the process from writing to design, and then grow with you to add any other languages as your needs develop.


DDi delivers this service for your corporate webinars, training materials, or presentations. We can take care of the project from writing to recording and create any audiovisual presentation. (Available in French, Spanish, and Portuguese.)


DDi translates and adapts websites. We collaborate with your webmaster as needed to ensure a seamless transition into other languages.


We also translate video scripts and ad campaigns for all media, including those which must be idiomatically adapted to a specific area or region.